Cluny the Scourge's army


It's difficult to understand who is Cluny the Scourge if you didn't see his soldiers. Rats were main part of his army, but there were stoats, weasels and ferrets in Cluny's army too. Cluny thought about his subordinates (citation from Brian Jacques' Redwall) : Cluny no doubt was clever. Sometimes he dreamed that all his soldiers would consider as well as he and they wouldn't a crowd of dim-wits. But stop! Those who can think theirself don't need leader. So, let them to be fools. He is their leader and nobody is equal him in strategy." in short, Cluny's soldiers didn't shine with intellect. But a lot of them climbed to power. Let's see them:


REDTOOTH - Cluny's substitute. He carried Cluny's battle standard (long pole with ferret's skull on the end). Redtooth read army regulations to the recruits and terms of surrender to the redwallers. But he didn't do something important in book, and Cluny didn't co-ordinate his plans with him, only gave oders . In one of attackes Redtooth had to put on Cluny's armour to divert attention Redwall's defenders. Cluny said that Redtooth was ambitious. Maybe that's why he secretly ate Cluny's meals.
Weapon: broadsword.

DARKCLAW - He was probably the 2-nd rank officer.I think so, because Cluny called him just after Redtooth.They were responsible to Cluny for arms. Then he didn't do something important and it led to Cluny didn't remember about Darkclaw as substitute after Redtooth's death. But then he however not long leaded army with Fangburn and Killconey the ferret after Cheesethief's death and when everybody thought that Cluny was mad.

CHEESETHIEF - Cheesethief at first was the inferior officer. at first Cluny sent him to reconnoiter outskirts. Though(?) he well meeted his engagements, he was unlucky. When Cluny's army assaulted Redwall Abbey, Cluny wanted to climb on the tree to gain the rear of the Redwallers. Cheesethief was afraid of heights and Cluny kicked him. At the same time Scragg the weasel could do everything and Cluny even wanted to make him an officer.Cheesethief was very angry about that and then he killed Scragg - Cheesethief pushed him off the tree and step on Scragg's neck. Then Cheesethief ordered about battering-ram and his career was grown while he had done some foolish thing. When Cluny was away Cheesethief put on Cluny's armour and he was hurt by arrow of arbalest which was mean to Cluny.

FANGBURN - At first he wasn't probably a high rank officer. He couldn't read, he didn't to gain Redwallers's confidence, let Sela the fox escape. But when a lot of Cluny's officers were killed he not long leaded army with Fangburn and Killconey the ferret.
Weapon: spear.
SCUMNOSE, FROGBLOOD - They probably were Cluny' officers too because Cluny gave them 50 soldiers to be in subordinate.<
SKULLFACE - Unlucky guy. He falled under cart's wheels...


SHADOW - He was probably Cluny's spy. He had jet-black fur, a long, sinewy body, yellowed fangs and slanted, flat, black eyes. He had a silky voice and he was not enough speake . He was in Cluny the Scourge's army for many years. He was an expert climber and skilled in breaking, entering and stealing. Other rats were afraid of him. in my opinion He is cool character, it's pity that he was few figure in book.
Weapon: climbing irons, cord and dagger.

RAGEAR - He was fat and awkward male rat. He couldn't think without Cluny's oders. When Cluny wanted to steal the piece of gobelin he took Ragear only in order that would be somebody whom was possible to sacrifice in danger.Ragear was unlucky too. He couldn't jump over ditch when Cluny ran away,got lost, couldn't catch mouse Matthias and couldn't unbind in time. Maybe his excessive talkativeness was cause of this. RAGEAR dreamed about advancement too.
SCRATCH - he was Killed when the hay cart crashed.
WORMTAIL - he was Killed when the hay cart crashed.


SCRAGG - He was very clever and adroit but culdn't get on with all collective. He jaundiced of rats which were less lucky.He was friends with Killconey the ferret.


KILLCONEY - He was very talkative but he rather well understood in mechanics. He brroughtng Sela the vixen to treat Cluny, he commaned mine. He commanded army with Darkclaw and Fangburn though he wasn't a rat.

VITCH - а rat orphan. He was the youngest member of gang Slagar the Cruel, the fox, and the resourceful spy. He was almost disclosed because of annoying Mattimeo, but still managed to get information for the fox, so Slagar got Redwall dibbuns and Vitch got a chance to deal with son of Matthias. Despite the dismissive attitude towards him, he served Slagar well and guarded the slaves. Despite this, the sneaky fox made him into slavery to Malkarris rats, but the smart little rat managed to escape.

Weapon:He had no weapon, but he liked and knew how to use twig.

Ah, I dream about Cluny commands me!!!

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