Who is Ratty?

Long-awaited Meeting.


This dream was dreamed once again,
That you in unison with me
Said "I love you"
But dream is going away like the ship.


And this is impossible!
You are not exist!
This is so difficult
To me to realise...
And this is impossible!!!
You are not exist!
This is so difficult
To me to belive and to admit.


Carrying away by hazing moning,
My beautiful dream is dispeled.
And you are going away in haze,
My LOVE, my grief...

When night is going away in haze and only just morning come, when the Sun destroy visions of my dream by its first rays, when ruthless reality comes into it's own, I make a declaration of love to him... And I cry, cry at the top of my voice "I love you, Cluny!!!" and peep "Do you hear me?..." One time I will meet him in this dark autumnal forest and he will seize my paw and hug...I'm waiting. I can wait. It is unimportant how long I have to wait. This Long-awaited Meeting...

Thanks Cybercatmia and Kwendil for picturies, Suane for wallpaper and poem on it and Sam for remix Sonata

It's just me. I am in love with Cluny. You may to talk with me "Ratty, and what about your name?"
"What's the difference? More important what is surname. Soon I will be Ratty the Scourge, it sounds cool, doesn't it?"
"Well...Yes. And what is your preferences in music?"
"Mendensol's (wedding) march."
"In clothers?"
"T-shirt with inscription "Cluny the Scourge", short skirt and boots."
"In food?
"Seeds...But Cluny likes meat so I will have to get used to meat."
"And what you found in Cluny?"
"What a question!? I love him such as he is, but if you want I will answer so: brawny body, cool clothers, highly sensitive mind, his humor,he is leader...But this isn't important! I love him, and that's all!"
"It's clear. And what is your secret dream?"
"To be with Cluny forever! And with wedding ring on the finger!"

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