05.08.2016 Thanks to Slegarchik my main page is very good and is useful for mobiles and tablets. Enjoy Cluny site!

19.04.2016 Updates on Fanfics page
My fanfic Capitao and fanfic Mattimeo: the Alternative Ending by Sabreleopard.

31.03.2016 Hello there! Now English version of my Cluny site will be there. So, what about updates? Let's begin!
A lot of new vids in Multimedia page
On the page Everything about Cluny I upload new page Cluny doll you can change Cluny's clothes.
Then, new picturie on Cluny kitchen page don't be afraid.
On page Cluny's army I put information about Vitch and uploaded his gallery Vitch gallery
More updates coming soon!

15.11.2012 A LOT OF UPDATES! First of all, on page All about Cluny
BIG PIRATE ENCYCLOPEDIA appeared!!! Authors - Mori Black Wing - desighn of collages, text by me
Big Pirate Encyclopedia
then, again on page All about Cluny
Cluny the Scourge's SHIP by Mori Black Wing appeared!!!
Cluny the Scourge's ship
And it's not all updates - on page All about Cluny
we (I and Mori Black Wing) put
Torture Chamber!
and on page about me I put new Ratty-pirate photos! Hope, you'll enjoy them! Real Ratty

08.02.2011 Brian Jacques, our story teller, which bring Cluny to us, was gone...Rest in Peace, Brian Jacques!.. We all are very sorry...

26.11.2010 A lot of updates!! First, on page of
there are 2 new fanfics by Heretic al-Taneli!!! ENJOY!!
Then, on Stuff page
there is new figure of Cluny the Scourge for game by by BigDamnbear!!
and on page of Additions
on Stuff page
I put new wallpapers by Moranna!
06.09.2010 TADADAM!!! At last I finished it!! New desighn is updated!!! Desighn by MORANNA! Click on ALL pages - a lot of picturies are waiting you! On every page is new desighn! ;))
And some more updates:
On page All about Cluny - Galleries with Cluny the Scourge
Cluny's galleries
I put page
Cabinet of curiosities (bad pics with Cluny)
then, on Fanfics page I put new fanfic:
"I love you, Cluny...2" (author: Ratty - me)
and on page of Additions
on Stuff page
I put wallpapers by Heretic al-Taneli!
Enjoy, my dear clunyfans, and don't forget to write something in guestbook! ;)
04.09.2010 I'm changing desighn as you see!! ;)) Desighn by MORANNA!!! Thax to her very-very much!! I changed pages All about site, All about Cluny and All about Ratty, with all galleries of Cluny's soldiers ;) Watch at them! More updates coming VERY soon!!!

01.06.2010 A LOT of new fanart - ENJOY! More pics coming very soon!!! ;)
Main page of Fanart
2-nd, I put new translation of my fanfic - "I love you, Cluny!" - hope, that you'll like it
I love you, Cluny!
28.05.2010 On page
Who is Cluny The Scourge?
added Psychoanalysis of Cluny the Scourge (by Ratty), translation by Heretic al-Taneli
Psychoanalysis of Cluny the Scourge
12.05.2010 New STUFF!!! Go to watch!!!
05.03.2010 Spring updates, spring updates!=) 1-st, fanart page is updated - ENJOY!
Main page of Fanart
2-nd, on Links page there is new link - click!
and we have new Redwall vid on page of Multimedia!
24.01.2010 Hey there, my dear Clunyfans! I want to tell you good thing - 19th of January it was 6 years of my clunymania ;) - yes-yes, it was frosty winter morning of 19th of January, 2004, when I read "Redwall" in first time. =) So, I want to make some updates on my Clunysite - a lot of pics with Matthias, Cornflower, Basil...Ups! I said wrong things!)) What Matthias?!! Only dead one!=)) Of course, a lot fanart with our great warrior Cluny the Scourge! New painters and our great painters are on fanart page! ENJOY!!!
Main page of Fanart
And it not all!! I put new links - links of art of painters from deviantart - Ferahgo-the-Assassin ? 1-Renaissance - really great art!
and it's again - not all!! I made new Cluny vid - come on page of
And it's again - not all updates! You see lovely collage with Ratty and Cluny! Thank you Jublenarris for pic with Ratty, and thank you, Moranna for collage!!!
01.01.2010 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!
19.12.2009 Winter has come at last, everybody is preparing for Christmas and New Year!!! New winter desighn for Clunysite - ENJOY!!! Thanx a lot to Oudodoff for it!!!!!!!!=)
06.12.2009 NEW FANART!!!!ENJOY!!!
Main page of fanart
16.11.2009 I made new page
with video clips with Cluny the Scourge and his Army!!! CLICK AND ENJOY!!
12.10.2009 A LOT of new fanart with our lovely villian!!! Pay attention on picturies of Moranna and our new painter - LadyNazgul-1912, and other our great painters!
Main page of fanart
Also, on page of Links put new link - link of deviantart page of LadyNazgul-1912 with other picturies.
More photos about adventuries of Ratty!!!
Ratty in real life
NEW ratty-pirate photos!!!
Ratty in real life
1.09.2009 TADAMMMM!! On page of
new FANFIC about Ratty and Cluny!!! With picturies of author - Jublenarris!!!!!READY TO READ!!
Ratty's Long-awaited Meeting
08.07.2009 A LOT of NEW fanart - CLICK HERE!!!Great pics by our fav authors and new author-Brasstail!!!ENJOY!
Main page of fanart
16.06.2009 On
Fan art page
New stuff - embroidery with Cluny the Scourge by LRose!!!
09.05.2009 Happy Victory Day to everyone and Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!=)))))Picturie To the main page by Anna!!!Enjoy!!!More updates:
A LOT of NEW fanart - CLICK HERE!!!
Main page of fanart
and new STUFF!!!
17.04.2009 New link on
Mokkan Shrine!!!
15.04.2009 On
Fan art page
New stuff - statuette of Cluny the Scourge by Dekabrist!!!
12.04.2009 Theme "Cluny the Scourge's Marquee" for Sony Ericsson K320 and theme Cluny the Scourge's castle for Nokia by Oudodoff!!! - CLICK on
05.04.2009 On page of
new link - Redwall Fan Club - The Site For Your Own Redwall Characters!Run to see!!
03.04.2009 Theme "Cluny the Scourge's Marquee" for Sony Ericsson!!!Run to page of
1.04.2009 On page of
new stuff - theme for Nokia - Cluny the Scourge's Marquee!!!
31.03.2009 TADAMMM!!!!!!NEW DESIGN!!!!THANKS TO OUDODOFF!!!!!!=))))
14.02.2009 Happy St. Valentines day to all! Upgrades - a LOT of NEW fanart!
Main page of fanart
28.12.2008 MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!And because this is time for feast - new recipes in
11.12.2008 In Fan's creative on page
Stuff with Cluny and his soldiers
there are a lot of new stuff!! Enjoy!!!

26.10.2008 My new photos- CLICK!!!;))))
Ratty in real life
09.10.2008 A LOT of NEW fanart - CLICK HERE!!!
Main page of fanart
12.08.2008 New pics on fanart page - art by Mefala, Frei and new authors Kelaiah and Pesenka!
Main page of fanart
22.07.2008 New pics on fanart page - art by Mefala and new autor Frei
Main page of fanart
17.07.2008 Grow hungry?! Wellcome to Cluny the Scourge
15.07.2008 Horray!!! My friend translated for me my fanfic about Cluny ;))) Enjoy!
Main page of fanfics
19.06.2008 New pics on fanart page - art by Yasmin and Mefala
Main page of fanart
10.06.2008 New link on Links page - Jublenarris's site about his Redwall characters ;))
04.06.2008 New pics on fanart page - art by Anna and new author Mefala
Main page of fanart
08.05.2008 Happy Birthday ME!!!! Card by Anna, thank you, Anna very much!!!! And all my friends too!!=)))))
14.04.2008 New pics on fanart page - art by Anna and Renni
Main page of fanart
1.04.2008 Upgrades in Addings - new game for fangirls
26.03.2008 Upgrades in Fan's creation on
Stuff page
And upgrades in All about Ratty on Ratty in real life page
my new photos ;))
09.02.2008 New pics on
2-nd page of fanart
07.02.2008 New music - "Hellfire" from "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame" - listen!! ;)))
And new link on Links page
And I have one project with Redwall series - I want to make "Clunyfan's" descriptions of series - when Matthias is shown by fool and Cluny of course rules ;)) BUT!! Why, why, my dear Eanglishspeaking friends, you have so difficult grammar rules?! *watch at big text which have to translate* WAA! OK. I'll make it!! Because everybody have to know that Matthias is STUPID!!!
21.01.2008 New pics by Anna - watch this!!!
2-nd page of fanart
25.12.2007 A lot of new fanart - by Cybercatmia, Anna and Greyfurr!!!
Main page of fanart
23.12.2007 New Year and Christmas are COMING! And Clunysite become snowy and Cluny is Santha!!! Thax my friend Anna for this pic!! Marry Christmas and happy New Year!!!;)
15.12.2007 New music - "Fog" by "Sektor gaza" - Russian band ;))
10.12.2007 A lot of new fanart - by authors Jube and Seroshkur Tri Polosi!!!
Main page of fanart

And on the page of links- new link which deserved to Ratty the Scourge, uii!!
Click!! =))
A lot of new pics on the Mane page of fanart
Pics by Anna, Sajatam, Yasmin, Elizabeth - enjoy!!!

A lot of new pics on the Page of FANART!!!
Enjoy!!! ;)))

New photos and information about me!!!;)) Click on All about Ratty!
On Fan's creation on the page of Staff
there are figuries of Cluny and Slagar by loam made by Kwendil!! Enjoy!!! ;)

Put new music To the main page - Ich Will - Rammstein =)

A lot of new FANART!!!
Enjoy!!!;))) and new Cluny-gallery
Main page on Cluny galleries

28.05.2007 A lot of new fanart!!! Pay attention on new pics of Jube and new author-Vitch and of course we all glad to see beautifull fanart by Anna and Elizabeth! ;) FANART

17.05.2007 Tadamm!!!=)On the page of FANART
there are A LOT of pics!!!
And on page of Links
there is new site about Cluny and Slagar!!!

04.04.2007 On the page of FANART
there are A LOT of pics-CLICK!!
And on page of Links
there is new site about Cluny!!!

13.03.2007 On the page of Adds
there are a lot of Animations by Anna, Tansy, Suane, Cherk and Sajatam!!!! See them! ;)

25.02.2007 A lot of new FANART!!!! see it ;)))))
And thanx to Rapier it's new design on FORUM
And on page off Stuff there are wallpapapers by Tansy!!!

29.01.2007 New Cluny's gallery!!!! see it ;)))))

04.01.2007 Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all visitors of my site!! ;)))
New music "mutter" Rammstein

04.12.2006 New FANART see it ;)))))
And on page of Matthias The Fool there are a lot of new screengrabs!

23.11.2006 Page of Links is upgraded!
09.11.2006 New FANART see it ;)))))
And on the page Cluny's enemies there is gallery of Matthias the Fool!!! ;)
28.10.2006Everybody download screensaver with Cluny the Scourge in addings!!! Addings
27.10.2006 New FANART see it ;)))))

25.10.2006On page of Cluny's army there are little cute pics of Cluny's soldiers! You like them ;)
And new design on All about Ratty page

18.10.2006Hello there!! There is gallery of Killconey and 2-nd gallery of Cheesethief on the site!!!
11.10.2006New FANART!!! see it ;)))))

28.09.2006New screengrabs of Redtooth!!!;)) His fans are happy now =) Redtooth

23.09.2006New FANART!! more fanart coming soon ;) enjoy! Main page of fanart

17.09.2006I with Suane changed design on Fanart page-it's more comfortable Main page of fanart
14.09.2006Upgrades-new gallery of Fangburn-his fans are happy ;))) Fangburn

11.09.2006Cool new FANART!!! Run to see it!!;) FANART
And upgrades on the page of Stuff Cluny the Scourge by plastiline-made by Suane ;)

New link-gallery of one of the best painters-Cybercatmia!!! Links
Upgrades on the page of Stuff mug with Shadow!

27.08.2006.NEW DESIGN!!! Thanks to Suane and me ;))))If there are some mistakes-I will soon correct them ;)
24.08.2006A LOT of new FANART!!! Run to see it!!;) FANART

14.08.2006 Hiija!!! A lot of upgrades!! on page Galleries of Cluny the Scourge
there are 2 new galleries of Cluny!!
And new page appeared- STUFF